Men's Playgroup

We have recently formed a Men's Group at St Stephen’s, the purpose of which is to help with jobs that need to be done in and around church, fellowship also being one of our aims.

We generally meet once a month for a few hours to have a look at how we can help with  maintenance and work that requires attention. There isn't a regimented plan, just an easygoing pace, nothing drastic!

Bacon butties and tea and coffee is provided.  We enjoy friendship and fellowship, working together for the good of the church.  If you're interested in joining us, let Keith know (01282 414390). We will be very welcoming to anyone who would like to come and 'play' with us!!



Although the last few months have been quiet for our team  during the very poor weather we’ve been having, we are pleased that the merry month of May is here and we can start getting to grips with some of the external jobs that need attention. 

As I write I look out over the bay in Sri Lanka with a cup of tea as my friend,  listening to an extremely authentic group of musicians and dancers welcoming us to a very hot, hot Sri Lanka, a far cry away from the wind and rain of Lancashire.  However I miss everyone and the fun we do have whilst we meet and chat over a butty and a brew. It’s strange when you’re away how much you miss your friends  and family so much. 

Welcome home John and Barabra Catlow I hope you had a better flight home than you did on your outward journey. Also Geoff and Jane Kay who have been away visiting family down under. 

We now meet on every second Tuesday of the month for a couple  of hours.  If you’d like to join us, please come along and don’t feel you will have to be climbing ladders or doing anything  out of your depth. The main aim is fellowship. 

Hope to see you all soon